How We Met

As all of the most romantic stories begin, it was a breezy autumn night in New York City when Dan hopped on the Hinge dating app and started swiping.

He decided to "Like" a goofy photo of Vini in disguise with a fake mustache. Vini countered with a "Like" of her own, this time of a photo of Dan in a hot dog costume. The rest, as they say, is history.

That fun and goofiness that ignited their initial spark continues to be an integral part of their relationship, and they make a point to enjoy life to the fullest everyday.

Our First Date

After several rounds of exchanging messages and witty banter over Hinge and text, Dan asked Vini out for drinks. They decided to meet up at a local bar, Plug Uglies, in Manhattan’s Gramercy neighborhood.

Vini had hedged the date by making plans with her friends afterwards in case Dan was weird.

The hedge proved unnecessary - Vini and Dan hit it off instantly. Two hours flew by and they found themselves struggling to leave for their subsequent plans, knowing they couldn’t wait to see each other again. As they both stood up to leave, Dan awkwardly asked Vini if he could kiss her.... she said yes!

How It’s Going

Whether road-tripping cross-country, skiing and snowboarding in the Swiss Alps, or painting their apartment in Brooklyn, Vini and Dan always manage to create their own adventure, and have created so many unforgettable memories together already. They are especially excited for this next chapter of their lives with their new puppy, Nellie.

To be continued.....